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All My Children
June 11, 2008 - Recap

Today on All My Children ...

Aidan hands Zach his resignation from Cambias Industries.

Kendall is perplexed by Greenlee's good mood as they meet at the yacht club for a game of tennis. Guessing that his sister hasn't given Ryan the good news about his sperm still being viable, Richie informs Annie she'll have to buy his silence.

Dixie returns to the Chandler mansion to commend Adam for doing the right thing. Meanwhile, Tad prepares to tell Kathy that he is her father. Kendall realizes that Greenlee's smile stems from a night of lovemaking but wonders who was beside her in bed.

Dixie offers Adam hope for a brighter future. Zach warns Aidan he'll bury him if he ever again makes a move on either Kendall or Greenlee. In the hospital chapel, Tad helps Kathy say a prayer for Julia.

Babe and JR brainstorm about how to prove Richie's guilt in a long series of crimes. Adam is surprised to receive a friendly visit from Krystal. Kathy happily throws her arms around Tad's neck after learning the truth about their family ties.

Kendall deliberately smashes a tennis ball straight into one of Greenlee's eyes. JR urges Babe to move back into the mansion for safekeeping. Annie gives in to Richie's blackmail.

Later, however, JR captures Richie and begins pummeling him. Greenlee hints to Kendall and Aidan that her new lover is one of the family. Tad introduces Kathy to her beaming grandparents.

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All My Children
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