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All My Children
Episode Recap
June 12, 2008

Today on All My Children, an incensed Erica continues to sputter about being replaced on "New Beginnings."

Jesse tells Angie he wants to accept Samuel's job offer.

Alone in the hospital chapel, Tad is amazed to come face to face with his beloved Dixie. Nursing her bruised cheek, Greenlee admits to Ryan how she led Kendall to believe she slept with Zach.

As he brandishes a syringe, JR gleefully informs Richie he can look forward to a lingering and painful death.

Annie is excited to realize she's ovulating but panics when Ryan explains why he has to go out of town to consult with a surgeon about his new treatment.

Dixie assures Tad she's heard all the wishes he's made on "their" star since she died. Richie lets it slip to an enraged JR that he was kidnapped for his bone marrow.

Carmen cheers Erica by arranging a special celebration to honor Ms. Kane for all her good work on behalf of her fellow inmates.

Later, Erica hits upon the idea of hosting a new TV show entitled "New Beginnings Behind Bars."

Dixie gently reminds Tad that she has to return to heaven while he remains behind to enjoy a long life with his children.

Jesse and an anguished Angie again argue about his decision to rejoin the police force.

Annie finally convinces her husband to stick around Pine Valley for a while. Tad gets the chance to kiss Dixie one last time.

Richie suddenly begins convulsing when JR orders him to sign a confession. Ryan invites Greenlee to take a ride on his motorcycle.

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