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All My Children
Episode Guide, 6.2.08

Today on All My Children ...

As the guests begin arriving for Spike's birthday party, Annie wonders about a strange vibe between Kendall and Ryan. At the women's prison, Jackson tells an anguished Erica how his daughter found out about Aidan and Kendall's one night stand.

Jake and Aidan both stand in his way. Adam vehemently insists on being allowed to see Tad. Meanwhile, Tad assures Dixie he's ready to join her in the next world so they can be together for eternity.

Greenlee comes to the Slaters' to celebrate Spike's second natal day and drops her bombshell on Annie. As Colby keeps Kathy occupied, Babe and JR worry about the girl having to start all over again with a new family once she learns that Julia is gone.

Sitting beside her husband's hospital bed, Krystal entreats Tad to come back to all the people who love him. Out in the waiting room, Opal and Ruth try to keep each other's morale from flagging. Annie confides to Zach how she feels like an outsider now that things have changed so much.

Adam explains to Krystal how vital it is that he speak to Tad but she refuses to listen to reason. Dixie reminds Tad why he has to stay behind for both of his young daughters. Palmer drops by the hospital to lend a grateful Opal his support.

Desperate to help his family, Adam asks JR to bring Kathy to the ICU. Erica admits to Jack how difficult she's finding life behind bars. Tad's heart rate drops as he prepares to go into the light with Dixie. A stunned Krystal finally realizes why Adam wants Kathy to visit Tad.

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