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All My Children
Episode Guide, 5/28

Today on All My Children ...

Jesse thanks his son for preventing him from killing Robert. Later, Frankie pilots the chopper to the hospital with Jake and the injured Tad aboard. Joe works to resuscitate Julia after she takes another turn for the worse.

Jackson angrily confronts Aidan, then is taken aback to hear how his daughter learned the ugly truth. Meanwhile, Zach pulls back from Greenlee's kiss and gently reminds her that acting on impulse won't help their situation one bit.

Ryan tells an alarmed Annie about Julia being shot at the Hubbards' wedding. Greenlee urges Zach to make love to her just as Kendall walks in. Krystal is horrified to see Tad being wheeled into the ER.

Angie begs Julia not to leave but she flatlines and Joe reluctantly calls the time of death. Kendall fills Zach in on the chaos which erupted shortly after he left the casino.

Ryan happens upon Greenlee after her car breaks down on the side of the road. Frankie kicks himself for inviting a psycho like Robert into the lives of his family and friends.

Angie breaks more bad news to Joe, who hurries to check on his wounded son. Fighting back his own fear, JR tries to reassure Krystal that her husband will pull through.

Ryan calls Greenlee's bluff when she suggests that they ride off together and never look back. As Jake prepares to take Tad into the O.R., Adam arrives at the hospital with Dixie close behind.

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