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All My Children
Episode Recap, 6.3.08

Today on All My Children, Tad wakes up and absorbs Adam's revelation that Kathy is really Kate. Word of Kate spreads among Tad's family and friends at the hospital. Kathy visits Tad, who looks at the little girl for the first time with the knowledge that she is his little girl.

Joe gives Tad the sad news that Julia has died. Krystal realizes that Adam has known the truth about Kate for quite awhile and is disgusted that he deliberately kept Tad away from his daughter. JR is similarly angry with Adam, and says Adam is no longer his father. Opal lays into Adam for keeping Tad from his daughter.

Try as he might, Ryan can't force himself to muster up feelings for Annie, who feels like an outsider at Spike's birthday party. Greenlee agrees to talk to Aidan but still won't forgive him. Aidan accuses Greenlee of having never gotten over Ryan and sabotaging her own happiness. Greenlee gives Aidan back his engagement ring and walks away. Greenlee and Ryan run into each other at the beach.

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All My Children
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