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All My Children
June 4, 2008

Today on All My Children ...

A glum Aidan tells Jake how Greenlee returned his ring and broke off their engagement. On the beach, Ryan confides to Greenlee that he still can't summon up much feeling for the wife he barely remembers.

Meanwhile, Annie goes to see a fertility specialist. JR explains to Babe how his father allowed Jake to believe that Colby was his daughter years ago. In dire need of a friend, Adam comes to the women's prison to ask Erica for help.

Though Opal and Joe both offer their assistance, Tad insists on being the one who lets Kathy know about Julia's death. When Krystal admits that she still believes there is some good in Adam despite everything he's done, a concerned Babe urges her mother not to let her ex worm his way back into her affections.

At the prison, Adam discloses to Erica how Dixie haunted and hounded him until he did the right thing. Ryan tells Greenlee he needs to face the possibility that he never really loved Annie at all. Erica advises her visitor to work at turning his life around.

Tad is surprised when Krystal reveals the deal Adam offered her last Christmas. Annie's new doctor cautions her that the fertility treatments can produce extreme mood swings. Ryan gently rebuffs Greenlee's come-on. Aidan promises Tad that Adam won't get away with keeping the secret about Kathy. Babe decides to go forward with her plan to trap Richie.

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All My Children
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