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All My Children
Episode Guide, 6.5.08

Today on All My Children,

Kendall reminds Greenlee how they agreed not to let their personal differences affect their partnership at Fusion. Jake tells his dismayed dad he's returning to Africa to get back to the work he was meant to do.

Babe enlists Amanda's help for turning herself into a hooker so she can befriend Trina and finally get the goods on Richie. During a phone interview with a magazine columnist, Greenlee and Kendall both pretend they are still the best of friends.

Adam vents some of his pent-up anger on Tad as their longstanding rivalry bubbles back up to the surface. Zach warns Jake that there's a bounty on his head in the Sudan because the rebel leader he treated wound up dying.

Later, Jake bristles when Zach hints that he knows all about Carolyn. Tad points out to Adam how he's lost everyone he loves by continually riding roughshod over their feelings

After ending the conference call with the reporter, Kendall and Greenlee resume sharpening their claws on one another. Amanda gets nowhere trying to dissuade Babe from carrying out her risky scheme.

Grateful for Adam's help, Tad and his old enemy shake hands. Jake admits to Joe that he and Carolyn have split up. Kendall is rattled by Greenlee's declaration that she knows Zach far better than his own wife does.

An angry JR balks when Adam decides to reclaim his leadership role at Chandler Enterprises. Greenlee bumps into Jake at Confusion.

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