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All My Children
Episode Recap, Pt. 1
At the detective agency, Jesse gives Robert the bum's rush but assures Frankie they have nothing to worry about from Tad's newfound uncle. As JR's fever subsides, Joe tells Adam his son is suffering from a bacterial infection and also has strange wounds on both hips. Josh coaxes Enrico to come for a friendly meet and greet. In L.A., Ryan demands answers from Aidan after learning how the P.I. issued instructions to the staff to keep him away from Kendall's room. Annie happily informs Zach that she and Ryan are back on track. After hearing about Robert's visit, Tad warns Jesse it's no longer safe for him to hide out at the office.

All My Children
Episode Recap, Pt. 2
Tad again urges Krystal to take Jenny and leave town for a while. JR reminds Adam how he always chooses to believe the worst about him. Aidan puts his foot down when Kendall wants to spend some time with Ryan. Annie proves to be quite useful to Zach in his negotiations with Enrico. Angie promises a grateful Jesse that it's worth all the risks as long as they can be together. Aidan reports to Zach how Ryan materialized in L.A. just as they expected. Robert catches Frankie trailing him and offers to let the suspicious young man run a background check. Adam returns to the mansion to find Krystal and Jenny in residence ... with Tad's blessing. Kendall slips away from her bodyguard to rendezvous with Ryan.

All My Children
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