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All My Children
Episode Recap, 5/12

Today on All My Children, Greenlee throws herself into Aidan's arms when he appears in Zach's office. Aidan explains to Greenlee, Zach, Kendall and Ryan how he and Jake managed to make it out alive.

Knowing the extent of Aidan's heroism, Zach is finally able to put past events behind him.

Meanwhile, Tad faces the daunting task of telling Joe that he believes Jake has been killed. He is interrupted by Jesse, who delivers the news that Jake is at Pine Valley Hospital.

Jake is determined to leave the hospital and get back to Africa as soon as possible but Angie won't hear of it. Tad wonders what's really going on with Jake.

Annie confides to Amanda that she's upset because Ryan didn't remember their anniversary.

Amanda encourages Annie to fight for Ryan. A sexily dressed Annie foes to ConFusion only to find Ryan in a close moment with Greenlee. She's not pleased.

Krystal assures Jesse that Cassandra will soon become more comfortable with him. Little Adam still has Cassandra's stuffed elephant, which Rob remains unaware of and is desperately searching for.

Dixie torments Adam on the plane and admits she's made mistakes herself (as in, giving away her daughter and spending four years letting everyone believe she was dead). Adam makes it clear he would rather die than reunite Tad with Kate.

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