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All My Children
Episode Guide, 5.9

Today on All My Children:

Dixie continues to play tricks on Adam., determined to make him reunite Kate and Tad. Adam realizes Dixie still loves Tad. Meanwhile, Tad and Dixie sare thinking about each other at the same time while looking at the same nighttime star. Adam asks a sympathetic Stuart to talk to Dixie and get her to leave. Hearing him mention Dixie, Stuart is concerned for his brother's mental health.

Zach tells Tad that Aidan went on a rescue mission for Jake and both are presumed dead. Greenlee worries about Aidan, and won't accept he's dead. Aidan shows up just as Greenlee has seemingly given up hope. Meanwhile, Tad prepares to tell Joe that Jake is dead while Angie finds Jake has been checked into PVH.

Erica and Opal are hopeful that Warren Buffett can use his clout to get Erica out of prison. However, Warren's advice is for Erica to play bridge to pass the time.

Rob befriends Cassandra in an attempt to get her stuffed elephant (which has the diamond he is seeking). Little Adam pulls the stuffed bag out of Cassandra's bag right under Rob's nose.

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