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All My Children
Episode Guide, 5.13.08

Today on All My Children, Greenlee drops by the hospital to check on Jake, who continues to gripe about being kept hostage by his doctors. Ryan announces that he has a surprise for Annie.

Dixie listens mournfully as JR admits to Babe how much he's been missing his mom in recent days. An excited Tad shows Krystal the list of New Mexico adoption agencies he's been calling ever since Hazel gave him the new lead on Kate. Richie grudgingly pays Treena for her role in setting up JR.

Hoping to make up for lost time, Ryan brings Annie to the stables for a belated anniversary celebration. In no mood to be festive, Annie bitterly explains to her husband how she saw him whooping it up with Greenlee and their friends at Confusion the night before.

Dixie watches her son cuddling little A and can't resist reaching out to stroke JR's hair. Richie plays rough with Treena when she threatens to spill his secret to JR. Krystal gently reminds Tad that Kate probably already has an adoptive family whom she loves and won't want to leave.

Jake confides to Greenlee how he and Carolyn have split up. A seething Babe confronts Richie, who finally reveals his true nature. Dixie's heart breaks as she weeps for her children. Ryan has a flash of memory about Annie. JR feels his mother's presence after a beloved childhood toy suddenly reappears. Jake collapses while trying to leave his bed.

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