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All My Children
Episode Recap, 3.13.08

Part One
Josh urges Erica not to "roll over" and take Samuel's deal. When she talks about being sent to an "easy" prison where they play tennis, Josh is skeptical. Erica claims Samuel is attracted to her which makes him vulnerable. Jack urges Samuel to go easy on Erica's punishment but reminds Jack that she committed a crime. Before she returns home, Kendall tells Aidan that she will decide what Zach learns about their trip. When Zach welcomes his wife home, Kendall tells Zach that she didn't see Ryan again after he left her hotel room.

Part Two
Zach forces Aidan to reveal that he followed Kendall as she met Ryan. Kendall confides to Greenlee about Ryan at the bar so she could help him remember. The two woman decide not to ruin the relationships they both have and as. Zach gives Kendall the chance to come clean, she continues to lie. When Ryan surprises Annie in the park as she plays with Emma, he plays down the "personal business" that took him from her. Finding a plane ticket in his coat pocket, Annie is outraged when he claims that nothing happened out in L.A. with Kendall.

Part Three
Realizing his hair-brushing memory involved Kendall and not her, Annie lashes out at him for having sex with her and then flying out to see Kendall. He insists he never meant to hurt her but Annie wants nothing to do with him. Before her own hearing, Erica is greeted by Carmen, an adoring fan who was just sentenced to a long stint prison over her objections. The judge decides that the sentence Samuel recommended in the plea bargain isn't harsh enough for Erica. Until next time on All My Children...

All My Children
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