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All My Children
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Friday, March 14

All My Children Recap
Jack and Samuel both work to convince the judge to not extend Erica's jail sentence. A plea from Erica on how she's learned her lesson convinces the judge to only give her six months in jail, as opposed to the eighteen he was proposing. Erica shocks everyone by stating she wants to start serving her sentence immediately.

Aidan warns Ryan to back off Kendall. The conversation only gives Ryan food for thought.

Jesse and Tad work together to figure out where Jesse might have been held after he "died." Jesse remembers a vital clue, and he and Tad manage to pinpoint a certain location where Jesse was likely held. The two head off to the warehouse, where we see Rob in wait with a gun.

Babe is hesitant to give JR another chance, as she still believes he went on a bender with a hooker. Krystal tells Babe she believes JR. JR is confident he'll win Babe over in the end and get her to marry him.

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