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Today on All My Children, Erica insists on starting her sentence right now. Annie comes to the hospital to visit her brother but quickly regrets her decision when Richie taunts her about Ryan's amnesia.

Jesse explains to a fretful Angie why he and Tad are following a lead in the warehouse district. Kendall and Josh implore their mother to reconsider, but she remains determined to head straight to jail.

Greenlee mutters to Aidan that she wishes her dad would dump Erica once and for all. Ryan studies his and Annie's wedding album in hopes of memorizing details to convince his wife he remembers her.

Opal accepts a dinner invitation from Robert but admits to still being a bit rattled by his uncanny resemblance to Ray. Richie gleefully continues to snipe at Annie about her rotten luck with men.

Unaware that he and Tad are being led down the path by a scheming Robert, Jesse finds the building where he was held years ago. Jackson tells Erica how Samuel persuaded the judge not to hand down a harsh sentence.

Irked at being saddled with the eager young volunteer, Frankie criticizes Colby's performance as they make their rounds at the hospital. Kendall comes clean with Zach about her encounter with Ryan in L.A.

Erica puts on a brave front as she's led away in handcuffs. Later, Greenlee suggests to an annoyed Jackson that he start dating again. Richie has a nightmare about JR exacting his revenge.

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