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All My Children
March 18, 2008
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Tad, Jesse and Angie suddenly hear a voice welcoming back the man who was once held captive in that very building. Adam grouses about being overrun by Krystal, Babe and JR in his own living room. Richie has a nightmare in which a JR reminds him that they'll always be together now that they share bone marrow.

After discovering that someone has cut a cable on her car, Colby tries to fix the problem with Frankie's help. As Angie pulls the plug on the recording, Jesse finds a wall of photos and clippings dedicated solely to him. Krystal explains to JR why she still can't quite get past some of his previous misdeeds.

Jesse and the others watch a videotape of him being tortured twenty years earlier. Afterwards, a weeping Angie begs Jesse not to go after the people who led them to the warehouse. Adam lashes out at Babe. With Richie's fever rising dangerously, Julia calls Babe and advises her to come down to the hospital at once.

Jesse and Angie are horrified to learn their son has been abducted along with Colby. Robert has his prisoners brought aboard his private jet...

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All My Children
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