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All My Children
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March 21, 2008

Today on All My Children, Adam and Tad race against time to get to Jesse, who's facing blinding lights. Just as they're almost able to escape from the cargo hold, Frankie and Colby are led to Jesse with a gun pointed at their backs. Jesse tries to bluff Robert into believing he knows where to find what Robert's been looking for all these years. Gunshots ring out as Tad and Adam arrive at the hangar.

Meanwhile, Angie and Krystal are unable to save Mrs. Remington, who dies before their eyes. Krystal comes to a distraught Angie's rescue when Derek wants to question her. Angie and Krystal become convinced that Mrs. Remington's missing necklace has something to do with Jesse's disappearance twenty years ago.

Jack tries to bolster Erica's spirits as she waits to he transferred to the minimum security facility. He promises to be there when she arrives. Erica has her hands full with Carmen, her new cellmate who refuses to be ignored. Samuel doesn't take delight in Erica's misfortune but admits to Jack he believes he did the right thing.

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All My Children
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