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All My Children
Episode Guide, 5/16

Today on All My Children, Adam is locked in a room at Oak Haven. Jack returns to the women's prison with questions for Erica. Greenlee comes clean with Aidan about her decision not to have children. Ryan tells Kendall he's remembered the first time he made love to Annie.

JR admits to Stuart how he had his father committed. Erica attempts to assuage Jackson's suspicions but her cover story rings patently false to Greenlee's worried dad. Dixie jeers at Adam as he loudly demands to be released.

Caught off guard by his fiancee's announcement, Aidan bitterly reminds Greenlee how desperate she once was to give Ryan a child at all costs. A beaming Annie promises Emma that everything is going to be just fine from now on.

Meanwhile, Ryan confides to Kendall how he still doesn't recall the love he supposedly once had for Annie. Angie urges Jesse not to borrow trouble now that their whole family is finally safe. Across town, Robert plunges the syringe into Cass' arm and she collapses on the floor.

Tad describes for Jake how he's been dreaming of the moment he meets Kate for the very first time. Stuart tells Colby and JR he believes that Dixie may indeed be close. Jake stonewalls when Tad presses his brother to open up about whatever's troubling him.

Colby asks her uncle to return Cass' toy elephant to the Hubbards. Under the influence of the truth serum, Cassandra tells an enraged Robert that "Mr. Trunks" has gone missing. Annie is astonished to learn that her husband's vasectomy was never actually performed.

Erica begs Jack not to destroy his daughter's happiness by revealing Kendall's secret. Tad pays a visit to Oak Haven to look in on Adam. Dixie whispers in Jake's ear as he sleeps.

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All My Children
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