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All My Children
Episode Recap, 5.20

Today on All My Children, Dixie leaves Adam with the chilling warning that his actions (i.e. refusing to tell Tad the truth about Kate) could have harmful repercussions for the people he cares about. Adam heads home with JR after being released from Oak Haven.

Jesse surprises Angie by arranging a visit from Greg Nelson, who is thrilled to be reunited with his friends again. Greg, Angie and Jesse pay an emotional visit to Jenny's grave. Jesse and Angie anticipate their wedding the following day. Frankie and Cassandra get settled in their rooms at the casino in preparation for the big event. Rob shoots and kills the FBI agent questioning him. He eagerly anticipates getting the diamond he's been searching for.

Kendall forces Greenlee to join her for a girl's night out at ConFusion, where they meet up with Babe and Amanda. Greenlee laments her romantic woes. At the Comeback, Tad and Jake come across Aidan, who is equally miserable missing Greenlee. Aidan and Greenlee call each other but fail to connect.

Zach wants JR's help in trying to figure out who ran Zach down and then framed JR for the crime.

All My Children
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