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All My Children
May 21 Episode Recap

Today on All My Children ...

Angie and Jesse are all smiles as their wedding day dawns. JR tells Babe how his father is still completely obsessed with the notion that he's being haunted. Dixie watches wistfully as Tad plays with baby Jenny.

Robert makes plans to swipe the toy elephant at the wedding reception. Cass and Angie are delighted to receive precious gifts from Jesse in honor of their family's special day. As guests gather in the elegantly decked out casino ballroom, Greenlee takes pains to avoid Aidan's eye line.

Astonished to see Greg again, Tad introduces him to Jenny's young namesake. Stuart assures Marian that the Hubbards will welcome her with open arms. Jesse springs another surprise on his bride by arranging for Ne-Yo to sing.

Jake has a peculiar feeling when he sees his brother joking around with a giggling Kathy. Aidan finally catches up with Greenlee and declares that while he can live without children he can't live without her.

Later, mistaking Greenlee's tears of joy for a sign of pain, Jackson blurts out to his stunned daughter how her fiance and her best friend betrayed her.

Colby is tickled by Dre's obvious attraction to Cassandra. A blissful Jesse and Angie finally exchange vows and once again become husband and wife.

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