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All My Children
Episode Guide, 5.23

Today on All My Children, Jesse is forced to surrender his gun after Angie suddenly blunders in and gets grabbed by Robert. Downstairs, Dixie warns Adam that the terrible thing has already been set in motion.

As Zach pulls her away from the casino, Kendall kicks herself for destroying her best friend's life. Meanwhile, Aidan begs Greenlee to let him explain. Robert orders Jesse to hand over the diamond.

After making love, Babe reminds JR how things always seem to go south for them once they get out of bed. A worried Jackson searches for his daughter. Keeping a tight grip on Angie, Robert edges out into the hallway and comes face to face with Adam.

Krystal berates Tad for picking on her ex-husband. Greg releases a fuming Opal from the storage closet. Dixie again whispers in Jake's ear that his brother needs him. Hearing JR approach from behind, Robert wheels and shoots but misses.

Dixie uses some heavenly muscle to ensure that Colby and Kathy stay well out of the line of fire. Robert drags his hostage into the ballroom, where shocked wedding guests gasp to see the bride held at gunpoint.

Zach gets nowhere trying to convince his wife to leave Greenlee alone for a while. Robert shoots Julia and Greg before racing off with Angie once again. Later, Tad, Jake, Frankie and Jesse chase Robert up to the roof, where he commandeers the helicopter meant for the newlyweds.

Greenlee asks Zach to take her home. Dixie watches in horror as one of Robert's bullets finds Tad. Desperate to prevent Robert from taking off with Angie aboard, Jesse leaps from the building towards the chopper.

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