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All My Children
Episode Guide, 5/7

Today on All My Children ...

Jesse does his best to try and get information out of Hazel on where Tad's missing daughter Kate is. Tad and Jesse's covers are blown when Hazel recognizes Tad after the bouncers drag him inside. An emotional Tad implores Hazel to reveal anything she knows about Kate. Hazel is gotten to by Tad's plea and tells him that Kate had been taken to New Mexico.

Adam begs Opal to cleanse his house of a spirit (Dixie) haunting it. Dixie taunts Adam as Opal tries to oust the spirit Adam claims is haunting him. Opal, who doesn't know Dixie is the spirit in question, becomes fed up with Adam's attitude and walks out. Dixie tells Adam she's giving him the chance to save his soul by reuniting Tad and Kateā€”and warns him he's going to hell unless he fesses up. Adam scoffs at Dixie but gets a shock when he looks in the mirror and sees only flames.

Julia plans on accepting a job in Australia and moving there with Kathy. Joe admits to Julia that he's concerned he hasn't heard from Jake lately.

Frankie apologizes to Colby after he inadvertently hurts her feelings.

Babe confronts Richie and Treena and pretends to believe Richie's claims of innocence.

Zach surprises Greenlee when he tells her he's arranged for a way for them to monitor Aidan's whereabouts via a live feed.

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