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Colby tells Erica how Adam locked himself in the nursery. Annie assures Emma they'll be together again.

Aidan listens in as Ryan presses Greenlee to admit she married the wrong guy. Angie introduces herself after bumping into the same young woman in the hallway of her apartment building.

Zach informs a rattled Annie that he knows she killed her brother.

A sympathetic Erica attempts to reach out to Adam.

Aidan furiously accuses his wife of cheating on him, then reveals how he planted a bug in her earring so he could check up on her.

Pete explains to Colby why she is his Achilles' heel.

Warning that Dr. Price is set to testify against her at the hearing, Zach orders Annie to tell the judge that her daughter would be better off with Ryan.

Outraged to learn how Aidan has been spying, Greenlee bitterly reminds him how she forgave him for sleeping with her best friend.

Natalia convinces Frankie to let her into his parents' apartment for a few minutes. Annie stuns everyone at the custody hearing by admitting that she can't provide Emma with a stable environment.

Natalia meets with Jesse at the lake house and implores her dad to come home.

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