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As the tornado picks up speed, the people gathered at The Comeback hunker down in the bar's basement. Ryan and Greenlee flee the gazebo.

Zach races back towards the beach house after spotting the twister in his rear view mirror. Unable to out run the storm, Zach and his car are lifted into the air and tossed into the woods.

Trapped in the secret passageways together, Erica and Adam hunt for a way out. Angie tells a nervous Jesse how sorry she feels for Natalia after the young woman arrives at The Comeback alone.

Annie begins a desperate search for her missing daughter.

Babe and JR try to soothe little A and Kathy's jangled nerves by pretending to get married. Pete is knocked cold when the door of the Chandler mansion blows open suddenly.

As he tends to an injured Greenlee, Ryan begins to wonder whether or not Emma might be caught in the storm. Zach finally manages to extricate himself from his smashed vehicle scant seconds before it explodes.

Aidan fears the worst after finding Greenlee's cell phone in the pile of rubble which once was the gazebo.

Babe gives her son a seashell to hold on to for good luck.

Later, The Comeback takes a direct hit from a massive tornado, sending the bar's terrified occupants scrambling for cover.

Zach makes his way back to the beach house and is horrified to find the building in ruins.

In the wake of the devastating winds, survivors slowly emerge and begin digging through the wreckage for their loved ones.

Babe realizes that little Adam is pinned beneath her.

Though relieved to discover Spike and Ian safe and sound, Zach is surprised to stumble over an unconscious Bianca.

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