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Greenlee urges Kendall to come back. From her hospital bed, Babe tells JR she wants to marry him ASAP.

Certain the person stalking her snatched Emma, Annie heads to the Chandler mansion to search for the girl.

As Bianca cuddles her newborn daughter, Zach's thoughts turn to Kendall.

Though reeling from the news that Jesse is Natalia's father, Angie prepares herself to operate on the young woman.

Krystal tries to put on a brave face for Babe.

Bianca promises Zach she'll keep his secret as long as he likes. Jesse admits to a surprised Tad how he's been living a double life.

Ryan joins Annie on a trek through the secret passageways, where they find one of Emma's belongings. Pete attempts to keep Colby from losing hope about her missing dad.

Alone with Krystal, Babe tells her mother she knows she's dying and just wants to spend her last moments with the people she loves.

Zach, Bianca and the baby finally arrive at the hospital, where Greenlee warns Kendall's husband that the prognosis looks bleak.

Holding her son, Babe croons "You Are My Sunshine" to little A one last time. Colby, Pete, Annie and Ryan work together to dig through the rubble in the tunnel.

Angie informs Frankie that he has a half-sister.

Jake warns Zach that his wife requires immediate lifesaving neurosurgery, then pressures him into giving consent. As she admires Bianca's new bundle of joy, Greenlee wonders aloud about the father.

Jake runs into trouble in the OR when another twister makes a direct hit on Pine Valley Hospital.

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