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Erica is relieved to see Adam regain consciousness. Tad and Krystal rush to protect Kathy and little A while JR crawls onto Babe's bed.

Zach grabs Greenlee just in the nick of time and Frankie covers both Angie and Natalia with his body as the windows in the ER blow out.

Digging through the rubble with Colby and Pete, Ryan assures Annie they'll find their daughter somehow.

With the power gone, Joe scrambles to get the generator back on line as Jake finds himself in the dark in the middle of Kendall's delicate neurosurgery.

Babe tells a mournful JR she knows she hasn't long to live.

Adam presses Erica to admit that her feelings for him run deeper than she's letting on.

Certain of his own ability to perform under difficult circumstances, Jake continues with the operation despite Zach's objections.

Taylor offers to help Jesse repair the hospital's generator.

Natalia explains to Angie and Frankie how she and her mother deliberately pushed Jesse away when they realized he wanted to return to his first family.

JR tenderly carries Babe to the chapel, where they exchange tearful declarations of undying love.

Greenlee quickly puts two and two together after learning how Zach visited Bianca and her partner in Paris last winter.

Kendall suffers a seizure while still on the operating table.

Krystal wonders how she can possibly say goodbye to her beloved daughter.

Ryan and the others rescue Adam and Erica. David suddenly appears at the hospital chapel.

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