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Jake informs Zach, Bianca and Greenlee that Kendall is unresponsive. Adam tells Annie how he and Erica discovered proof that someone had been living in the Chandler mansion's passageways.

David arrives at the hospital chapel to find JR weeping over Babe's lifeless body. Desperate to save his daughter, David frantically performs CPR but to no avail.

Zach urges his wife to come back to him and the boys. Frankie snarls at his father for leading a double life with a second family. A grieving Krystal cradles Babe in her arms as Tad pulls David to one side.

Bianca reminds Greenlee how important her friendship is to Kendall.

Zach accuses Jake of harming Kendall with his egotistical insistence that he could continue operating even after the power went out.

Jesse tries to explain to his incensed son why he had to lie to protect the people he loved but Frankie refuses to listen to reason.

Later, Angie presses Jesse for the whole story about his time with Rebecca and Natalia. Zach introduces Ian and Spike to their brand new cousin.

Taylor lends a sympathetic ear to Jake as he expresses doubts about the choice he made with a patient's life hanging in the balance.

David bitterly vows to punish everyone who contributed to Babe's tragic demise. Bianca hopes her sister will understand why she asked Zach for help expanding her family.

Zach hears Joe berating Jake for taking an unnecessary risk in the OR. Tad consoles both JR and Krystal as they mourn for Babe.

Ryan tells Jesse why he believes David snatched Emma.

Meanwhile, David removes his daughter's body from the morgue and carries her up to the roof. Zach attacks Jake and accidentally sends Taylor tumbling down the stairs.

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