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Aidan wonders what might have been as Ryan and Annie discover a threatening note from Emma's abductor. Krystal finds David up on the hospital's roof.

Adam is relieved to see Erica alive and well. Jake leans over an unconscious Taylor after she tumbles down an entire flight of stairs.

David angrily accuses Krystal of turning their daughter against him from the very start. A weeping Annie begs Ryan to follow the kidnapper's instructions about not contacting the police.

Bianca is reunited with her mother, who's alarmed to learn of Kendall's emergency neurosurgery. Krystal finally convinces David to take Babe back to the ER, where he lashes out at his son-in-law with renewed fury.

Over Ryan's objections, Annie appeals to Aidan for help locating Emma. Frankie and Jake run tests on Taylor and quickly discover she has no feeling in her legs.

Aidan tips Jesse off to meet Ryan in the stairwell. Bianca introduces an astonished Erica to her newest granddaughter, then hesitantly reveals who fathered the child.

Listening to Jake express his concern about Taylor, Amanda guesses that her boyfriend has fallen for another woman. Ryan lies to Jesse after receiving another warning from the kidnapper.

Brooding in his jail cell, David vows to make Babe's killer pay. Erica reminds Adam that she hasn't forgotten his confession.

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All My Children
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