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Annie tells Adam, Babe and JR that she was attacked. Greenlee promises Aidan she's going to concentrate on him.

Krystal asks Opal to do another Tarot reading for her.

Adam accuses his unwanted guest of inventing another story in a desperate plea for attention. After Adam's guards discover Ryan on the grounds, Annie insists that her estranged husband must be the person who's been stalking her.

Badly shaken by her latest vision, Opal warns Erica and Krystal that Pine Valley is headed for a catastrophe of biblical proportions.

Angie and Jesse enjoy their newfound privacy during a quiet night at home. Ryan convinces Annie and the others that he didn't break in.

Opal interrupts the Hubbards' evening to bring Jesse word about her troubling insights. Aidan's romantic gesture touches his bride.

JR and Babe begin to harbor doubts about Annie's sanity. Jesse panics after finding a familiar face on his doorstep.

Aidan secretly plants a listening device on one of Greenlee's new earrings. Little Adam comes face to face with the intruder.

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