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Greenlee tenderly caresses Ryan's face. Opal does another Tarot reading for Krystal. Annie shakily reports to JR and Babe that the mansion has had an intruder.

Pulling away from Greenlee's touch, Ryan reminds his ex how painful it is for him to have her close because he still wants her so badly.

Kendall asks Zach how they can get back to what they once had together. Opal avoids telling a worried Krystal what she saw in her cards.

Ryan accuses Greenlee of lying to herself about the nature of their relationship, then urges her to go home to her husband.

Jesse warns Aidan to stop prying into his private life. Assuring his wife that the future looks bright, Tad advises her not to put too much stock in Opal's gloom and doom predictions.

Greenlee storms over to the Slaters' place and snarls at Kendall for constantly pushing her at Ryan.

Though Annie suspects that Ryan hired someone to spy on her, Babe feels certain her agitated friend is simply over-reacting.

Jesse threatens to yank Aidan's P.I. license if he doesn't back off. Ryan confides to a sympathetic Zach how he can't trust Annie with Emma.

Opal insists on reading the Tarot for Babe and JR but faints dead away when she spots more trouble ahead. Annie is enraged to see Greenlee comforting an unhappy Emma.

Later, Ryan informs Annie he wants a divorce and intends to file for full custody of their daughter.

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