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Kendall is floored as her mother comes to Adam's. Zach offers to help Annie reclaim custody of her daughter.

Aidan listens in via the device hidden in his wife's earring when Greenlee encounters Ryan at the boathouse.

Amanda faces tough questions from members of the press as they descend upon Fusion in the wake of the news about the company's toxic product.

Zach convinces a reluctant Annie to agree to see a shrink. Jake again prods Taylor to let down her guard and open up about her problems.

Out of Adam's earshot, Erica assures Kendall she'll get to the bottom of things. JR accuses his father of throwing Babe under the bus.

Tad quizzes Jake about Taylor's background. Adam goes on the air to announce that he's suing Fusion for causing Colby's illness.

Tad admits to Krystal how an anonymous client hired him to investigate Taylor. Ryan feels confident he'll be awarded sole custody of Emma.

Zach gives Annie the name of a psychiatrist.

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