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Annie insists that a mysterious man has been stalking her. Tad attempts to draw Taylor out on the subject of her family.

As the "Bella" scandal hits the front page, Pete implores a gleeful Adam to call off his lawsuit. Zach is surprised to learn that Ryan spent the night in the Slaters' guest room.

Frankie and Randi begin settling into their new apartment and are pleased to discover how much they have in common. Babe explains to JR why she believes they need to make a fresh start somewhere far from Pine Valley.

Zach encourages Annie to be completely open and honest during her first session with Dr. Price. Pete confesses his crime to an astonished Colby. Krystal can't stop fretting about Opal's dire predictions.

An emotional JR informs his father and sister that he, Babe and little A are moving to California right away. Across town, Babe hesitantly breaks her big news to her mother and Tad.

Annie complains to her shrink about the way Greenlee and Kendall are ruining her life. Adam warns Colby to keep mum about his part in the "Bella" tainting unless she wants to see Pete go to prison.

Ryan urges Kendall to focus her energies on her own family.

Taylor asks Frankie for a favor. Dr. Price secretly assures Zach he has enough information to convince a judge to deny Annie custody of Emma.

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