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Ryan tries to push his way into the Chandler mansion but is held back by security guards.

After making love with Zach, Kendall happily assumes all is forgiven.

Doubled over in pain, Annie manages to make it out of Greenlee's apartment without being spotted.

Ryan insists that his wife is lying about how she got bruised, JR, Babe and Adam refuse to let him go upstairs to confront Annie.

Zach reminds Kendall why he wants her to focus on their own family instead of fretting about all her friends full time.

Unnerved by the thought that someone might have broken in, Greenlee calls Jake for help.

Ryan finally succeeds in getting to Annie's bedroom door just as she crawls back in through the window.

Kendall and Zach kiss and make up.

Jake and Greenlee trade stories about their love lives. Ryan lashes out at Annie for claiming he abused her, then rushes to her aid when she suddenly collapses.

Zach quietly calls off the search for Josh.

Meanwhile, Kendall explains to a disgruntled Erica why they can never see Josh again.

JR tells Babe he's more certain than ever that his dad is up to no good. Greenlee heads to the ER to keep Ryan company while the doctors examine Annie. Adam gives Pete some food for thought.

Babe and JR continue to celebrate their renewed closeness. Erica gets nowhere appealing to Jackson and Adam for help with her son.

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