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Greenlee spends a blissful night with Aidan. Kendall and Zach continue to grow apart. Annie admits to a sympathetic Babe and JR how saddened she was by the miscarriage.

Erica learns that "New Beginnings" is in imminent danger of cancellation. Zach is exasperated by his wife's refusal to cut Annie any slack despite her tragic loss.

Ryan reminds Annie that she is in no way to blame for what happened. JR tells Babe he thinks his father is scheming to steal Fusion out from under them.

Lou warns a fuming Erica that she needs a ratings-grabbing stunt for the coming sweeps period or they will have to pull her show off the air.

At Fusion, Amanda triumphantly reports to Kendall and Greenlee that the orders for "Bella" have already exceeded expectations.

Annie and Ryan face the unhappy task of explaining to Emma why there won't be a new baby after all.

Later, the Laverys decide to plant a tree together in memory of the child they'll never meet.

Kendall intercepts a text message from JR and realizes that Babe knows something about a takeover attempt. Greenlee reaches out to Zach.

JR catches Pete skulking through the Chandler mansion and demands to know why he's been hanging around Adam so much recently.

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