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Kendall assures Greenlee that Erica is the perfect mole to ferret out the truth about Adam's takeover attempt.

Amanda catches Pete snooping around Fusion's loading dock.

Ryan drops by the Chandler mansion to check on Emma.

A worried Angie tells Tad how Jesse has begun keeping secrets from her.

Greenlee and Kendall question Pete, who claims he was hoping to secure an internship with their cosmetics company.

Annie admits to Ryan how lost she feels with all the recent turmoil in her life. Adam informs Erica he was never in love with her even when they were married to one another.

After hearing from Babe how Pete has been hanging out with Adam, the ladies of Fusion decide to hire Palmer's son so they can keep a closer eye on him.

Though Tad prods his old friend to unburden himself, Jesse orders him to back off. Mindful of her promise to Kendall, Erica begins to reel her latest victim in.

Colby presses Pete to explain his sudden interest in her family.

Zach's heart goes out to Ryan as the newest Cambias employee tries to forget his woes by throwing himself into his work.

Babe happily tells Annie how JR seems once more like the man with whom she first fell in love.

Angie is taken aback when Jesse warns her not to drag Tad into his personal business. Erica enjoys watching Jackson squirm at the thought of her dating Adam.

Kendall pesters an irritated Ryan not to bottle up his emotions. Pete explains to Adam how he's cleverly infiltrated Fusion. JR asks Babe to marry him again.

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