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Taylor joins Frankie and their fellow soldiers for a celebration at BJ's. As the thunderstorm rolls in, Jake and Amanda discover Pete lying unconscious on Fusion's loading dock.

Opal tells Colby she knows something is terribly wrong with her son. Frightened by the storm, Erica clings to Adam.

Kendall points out to Zach how neither one of them seems to be happy with the way things stand. Frankie introduces Randi to the men in his platoon.

Pete awakens in the ER to find Colby peering down at him.

Zach again reminds his wife how her constant interfering in the lives of their friends has driven a wedge between them.

Adam scoffs at Erica's insistence that she doesn't need a man to make her life complete.

Taylor accuses an irritated Frankie of not being properly motivated to return to active duty in Iraq. As their quarrel escalates, Taylor becomes upset when Frankie mentions the anniversary of a tragic event.

Displaying his burnt shoulder, Pete suggests to Colby that the lightning strike has made him a changed man.

Jake leaves Amanda's side to check on Taylor and is concerned to hear her babbling about rejoining her dead fiance.

Pete quietly assures Adam he dosed the Bella shipment as promised. Aboard the yacht, an unhappy Taylor eavesdrops on Jake and Amanda in a private moment. Opal berates Adam for chasing after Erica.

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All My Children
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