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Frankie is arrested for drunk driving and has to face his father's wrath. Krystal and Tad head to the Chandler mansion.

Kendall admits to Amanda how her marriage has hit a rough patch.

Bristling under Angie's interrogation, Randi coldly informs her that Frankie was out partying with his fellow soldiers the night before.

Greenlee confides to Aidan how she's been quarreling with Kendall but claims the argument concerned their cosmetics company.

JR and Babe happily announce to Adam, Tad and Krystal that they're going to tie the knot ... again. Jesse and Angie demand answers from Frankie, who angrily orders his parents to stay out of his life.

Certain he can win the girl he loves despite her apparent indifference, Pete refuses to give up his crush on Colby.

Adam feigns joy at the news that Babe is going to be his daughter-in-law once more. Aidan reports to Tad that it appears Jesse is indeed having an affair.

Kendall and Greenlee continue to sharpen their claws on one another. Pete returns to Fusion to ensure that the tainted bottles of "Bella" get shipped out on schedule.

JR's suspicions deepen after Adam offers to throw his son a party to celebrate his engagement. Randi explains to Frankie why she felt so uncomfortable around his Army buddies.

Aidan surprises his bride with tickets for a honeymoon adventure. Frankie tells Randi he's falling in love with her.

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