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Krystal warns Adam not to lift a finger to ruin JR and Babe's happiness. Erica asks her son-in-law what's going on.

Angie ponders different ways to prevent Frankie from being redeployed. Ryan enjoys an afternoon in the park with Emma.

Greenlee forces her impatient husband to wait while her personal make-up artist works to transform her for the start of their long overdue honeymoon. Babe thanks Adam for his part in reconciling her with JR.

A worried Tad confides to Krystal how he overheard Jesse ending a secretive phone conversation with the words "I love you."

Aidan is amused to discover that his bride had the make-up expert write a romantic sonnet all over her body.

Kendall prods her mother to come to the Chandlers' bash so she can continue to pry information out of Adam.

As the party begins, Babe wonders if wearing her old engagement ring again is bad luck. Colby attempts to avoid Pete by losing herself in the crowd.

Randi tells Frankie that she and Carmen go way back. Greenlee begins to suffer a bad reaction to the tainted "Bella" perfume.

Pete finally corners Colby and makes it clear how much he adores her, then seals his remarks with a kiss.

Randi admits to a stunned Carmen that she worked as a prostitute. Tad decides not to say anything to Angie until he's unearthed the truth about Jesse.

Ryan stumbles over a gun in Annie's bedroom. JR moves to publicly present Babe with a ring but is flustered to discover the jewelry box empty.

A woozy Greenlee mumbles to Aidan that she wants Ryan's baby.

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All My Children
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