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JR searches for the missing ring. Little A suddenly begins choking. Aidan is dismayed when his bride declares she wants Ryan's baby.

Stunned to find a handgun hidden in the room his estranged wife shares with Emma, Ryan pockets the weapon and heads downstairs.

Annie quickly moves to perform the Heimlich maneuver on little Adam, who coughs up his mother's ring.

Afterwards, Kendall grouses to an astonished Zach and Erica that Annie manipulated events to look like a hero in front of Ryan.

Carmen assures Randi she doesn't think any less of her since her confession. The hotel doctor tells Aidan his wife probably suffered an allergic reaction to something she ate.

Ryan angrily confronts Annie with the gun, sending Kendall off on another diatribe against her as well. Aidan contemplates various scenarios as he ponders his uncertain future.

Adam covers for Annie by claiming that he put the revolver in her bedroom. Tad asks Jesse straight out if he's been cheating on Angie.

Kendall eggs Ryan on as he threatens to take Emma away from an anguished Annie. Greenlee begs Aidan to believe she didn't mean what she said in her delirium.

Jesse decides the time has come to clear the air with Angie and confesses that a woman he knew during his 20-year absence is the person who's been phoning repeatedly.

Frankie springs a romantic surprise on a flustered Randi. Stung by Ryan's rebuke, Kendall apologizes to Zach for meddling in their friends' lives.

Later, Ryan tries to leave the Chandler mansion with Emma in his arms.

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