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Angie tells Tad that Jesse's affair ended years ago. Greenlee explains to her coworkers how she got horribly sick on her ill-fated honeymoon.

Ryan assures Emma she'll be able to see her mommy as soon as he's certain it's safe for her to return to the Chandler mansion.

Adam advises Annie to fight tooth and nail to get her daughter back.

Though Frankie grumbles at the outcome of his hearing, Angie is thrilled to learn that her son's DUI arrest means his redeployment must be postponed for another six months.

Greenlee sheepishly admits to Kendall how she blurted out the wrong man's name during her feverish interlude.

Ryan refuses to let his estranged wife see Emma.

Taylor faces off with Angie on the subject of Frankie's continuing military service. Kendall and Greenlee defend Ryan's actions to an angry Annie.

Pete intercepts a call from Greenlee's doctor. Amanda happily agrees to be Babe's maid of honor.

Greenlee warns Ryan that Annie is probably already filing a complaint with the police department.

Jake suggests to an irked Taylor that she's concealing a traumatic past.

Krystal wonders if her husband still has an itch to get back into the P.I. business.

Pete triumphantly reports to Adam how the tainted bottle of Bella affected its latest victim.

Greenlee shouts at Annie as Jesse places Ryan under arrest.

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