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Frankie provides Taylor with a prescription for a mild sedative. After consulting her Tarot cards, Opal warns Krystal that her family is in for it.

At the station, Ryan tells Jesse that his estranged wife is too unstable to be allowed near Emma. Adam changes his tune about leaving the gun in Annie's room.

Without revealing that she's taken medication, Taylor assures the Army's psychiatrist she's suffering no ill effects from her time in Iraq.

Greenlee rails at Annie, who counters by icily suggesting that she pay attention to her own husband for a change.

Kendall and Zach offer to look after Emma to prevent the girl from being placed into foster care. Annie threatens to rat Adam out unless he backs her up but he easily calls her bluff.

Taylor crashes Jake's date with Amanda and announces that she aced her therapy session. Zach helps Emma feel more at ease as the Slaters put their young guest to bed.

A suspicious Jake asks Taylor if she's on drugs.

Babe and JR leap to Annie's defense when Adam orders her to move out of the mansion. Though Taylor denies Jake's allegations, he cautions that her it's only a matter of time before the truth comes out.

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