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Krystal tells Tad how Kathy deliberately pushed her off the ladder. Taylor arrives to settle into her new digs.

Adam promises Babe he has no intention of missing the "Bella" launch party. After Kathy denies doing anything wrong, Krystal is outraged when Tad chooses to believe the child's tale instead of her own story.

Amanda persuades Taylor to come join the bash at Confusion. Greenlee wheedles her husband and Ryan to stop glowering at one another and shake hands.

Annie guesses that Adam is planning to pull something underhanded at the party. Jake examines baby Jenny and assures Krystal that the baby is unhurt.

Ryan explains to Kendall why his wife left him and took their daughter with him. Erica pretends to be totally unfazed when Jackson escorts Carmen to the Confusion event.

Meanwhile, Fletcher sneaks into the club and waits for his chance to catch Randi alone. Adam secretly doctors the "Bella" sampler with Pete's chemical concoction.

Jake is impressed by the change in Taylor after Randi helps the soldier doll up. Though Tad accuses his wife of badly over-reacting, Krystal vehemently insists that Kathy needs professional help.

Jesse is pleased to be able to clear Dre's name after the stains on the lug wrench prove to match Richie's blood type. Annie and Kendall sharpen their claws on one another.

Later, Annie gives Ryan the cold shoulder when he tries to approach her. Hoping to mend fences, Carmen apologizes to Randi for leaving her behind years ago.

To Adam's dismay, Colby decides to try a spritz of Babe's new cologne. As Fletcher grabs Randi, Taylor leaps to the rescue and kills the pimp with her bare hands.

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