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On American Crime Season 1 Episode 7, the prosecutors are trying to convince Aubry to testify against Carter considering she has a lot of evidence against her, including one for attempted murder. Aubry decides to get everyone together and starts to make a confession about how she was sexually assaulted and was passed around. When the prosecution presses her about it being about Carter, she tells them it's not about Carter, but actually about her brother Brian and how he used to pass her around to all his friends. Brian got extremely angry with her and denied ever touching Aubry and Aubry just sat there as he screamed about his innocence. After Brian leaves the room, Aubry admits the making the story up to prove she isn't mentally stable to testify against Carter.

Tony is arrested for assault after video of him being up the guy who hurt Jenny comes to light. Alonzo tries to fight with the cops and claims they are targeting his son until he sees the video for him. Tony acts like it doesn't matter and even tells Jenny he'd do it again to protect her. Jenny tells him he had no right to hurt someone and tells him he needs to get his act together.

Aliyah goes to see Carter and is shocked by the condition he is in. Carter tries to get her to talk about Aubry and she reluctantly lets him know she's OK. Aliyah goes off on Carter and lets him know it's completely selfish how all he cares about is Aubry and not the people who were there to try to help him. Carter explains Aubry was the one who saved him when he tried to kill himself because he didn't know were to turn and had no family. Aliyah feels terrible for not being there for Carter and makes a promise she is going to fight for him. Aliyah, in the end, decides to put together a group of people to protest.

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