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On American Crime Season 2 Episode 1, a teenage boy named Taylor is embarrassed by photos which are being sent around the entire school which show him completely out of it. He tries to tell his mom, Anne, he doesn't want to go to school anymore, but he doesn't provide her with a reason why and she tells him to just keep his chin up. 

Back at school, Taylor is called into the headmasters office, along with Anne, and is told he is being suspended over the photos. Anne becomes furious with Taylor and demands to see the photos, but he refuses to show her or tell her about what happened that night. Anne contacts Taylor's girlfriend Evy to try to get answers and Evy is able to paint a bigger picture of what happened. Evy tells Anne that at the party they went to, which was being thrown by the basketball players at Taylor's school, Taylor was being given alcohol and was completely out of it. 

Anne goes back home and tells Taylor she talked to Evy about what happened and demands answers. Taylor finally opens up and tells her he really doesn't remember what happened because the people at the party kept forcing alcohol down his throat and possibly gave him drugs. Taylor finally builds up enough courage to tell Anne he thinks something happened to him and admits he was sexually assaulted. 

The next day Anne goes to Taylor's school and tells the headmaster, Leslie, what Taylor had told her. Leslie acts concerned and writes everything down on paper. Leslie goes to the basketball coach, Dan, and tells him about the allegations, but he denies his players would do that. Leslie tells him to talk to all of them and try to get answers about what happened and Dan agrees to it. Dan gets the team together and tells him they need to lead by example and they can't have liars on the team. Anne visits Leslie again and Leslie reassures her they are punishing the boys who did this, but Anne wants to know what she plans to do. Leslie refuses to tell her anything and tries to make the boys seem like the victim in all of this and that it was Taylor's fault for putting himself in the situation.

In the end, Anne leaves Leslie's office angry and decides to call the police to report the rape of her son.

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