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On American Crime Season 2 Episode 2, Anne calls the police and reports the sexual assault. The cops end up coming to her home to get a statement and are surprised to learn it happened to her son. Anne informs them that Taylor doesn't want to talk to the cops, but they insist he will have to talk to them eventually so they can get the entire story. The cops do recommend Taylor go get a rape kit done first. 

At first Taylor isn't on board with getting the rape kit, but Anne is able to convince him. After the rape kit is over the nurse administering the test suggests they get Taylor checked for HIV just to be on the safe side. Later, Anne tries to go to a detective with her case, but he feels like it's a case of kids doing stupid things. He tries to convince Anne it would be better to just let things go and let Taylor move on, but Anne is determined to be heard. She ends up going to a local reporter who's willing to do a story on the case. Before taking part in the article, Anne makes sure Taylor's name is not mentioned, but the reporter tells her people will put the pieces together even if his name isn't mentioned. Anne decides to continue on with the interview despite people being able to figure out the case is about Taylor.

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