On American Crime Season 3 Episode 1, a woman tries to help victims of human trafficking while undocumented workers are forced to do labor for little pay.

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American Crime Season 3 Episode 1 sets up several stories.

The central character is Kamara, a social worker who is working with victims of human trafficking and trying to get at a pimp. She meets a boy named Ishmael, who claims that his pimp is his cousin and that there is nothing wrong with what he is doing .He refuses to give Kamara any information.

Meanwhile, a girl named Shay claims that her Hispanic pimp is her boyfriend when she is getting made up. Later, she engages in prostitution with a man who makes her wipe all the makeup off. Eventually, a man she is with gets arrested in a raid and she is brought before Kamara as well.

A Hispanic man crosses the US border and speaks no English. He wants to go to North Carolina. When he eventually gets there, he meets a man with a gun who tells him that he doesn't go anywhere without him and that he will be given pay every Friday after deductions are made for his transport from the border and his room and board.

And finally, a farm family realizes they can't compete without recruiting migrants to work for low wages, while the wife wants to help out her troubled sister but her husband disagrees.

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On American Crime Season 3 Episode 1, a woman questions the methods of the family farm she married into where undocumented workers toil away for little reward.

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American Crime Season 3 Episode 1 Quotes

Woman: I wish you had called me. I don't have anything.
Kamara: He's underage.
Woman: I have a woman whose boyfriend is threatening to kill her and her children. I really don't have anything.

Kamara: My name is Kamara. I want you to know you're not in trouble. I'm not with the police. Nobody wants to arrest you. We just want to arrest your pimp. I work with Project Open Road, an organization that works with victims -
Boy: I'm not a victim.