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1765, West Pennsylvania

A woman and her two daughters are trying to plow and plant a field. They're not having a great time of it.

That night, mom goes outside and builds an effigy using a book called Rituals of the Ancient. She sacrifices the cutest little piggie, guts it, and pulls out the entrails, using them in her ritual.

Her prayers are answered, and the cornhusk doll she made comes to life, revealing a blonde goddess. She puts her hand on the mother's forehead, and the field bursts forth with life. Nobody's going to believe that.

Wednesday and Cordelia are bickering like husband and wife when a news alert comes on the TV. Four members of Blood Death, the band with the hit song, The Sacrifice, were found dead in a hotel room. They're calling it a homicide.

Wednesday is all decked out, and prepared to visit Demeter.

Laura is traveling with a lot of other strange folks on some kind of subway. Nope, it's a glass elevator like Willy Wonka. I'm guessing it's like Defending Your Life. Laura gets a pamphlet that says to acknowledge reality.

I think she's wearing what she wore when she originally died.

The residents of Lakeside have gathered to search for Allison. Ann-Marie usurps Chad's authority by delivering disposable cameras to the searchers.

Wednesday arrives at Demeter's address to discover it's a retreat. He feels a little out of sorts, nervous event. He thinks he's forgotten a gift. He's deciding between pigs entrails or calla lilies.

Ann-Marie finds a blue mitten in the woods. Uh, no. It fell out of her grandson's pocket.

Laura is waiting for the blue cards to be called, and she's getting impatient. She steals an orange card from another woman and finds herself on quite a whirlwind of an experience as a result.

Chad apologizes to Shadow for his experience at the police station the other day. Chad is embarrassed and struggles to assure Chad that Lakeside isn't racist, but Shadow asks, Lakeside is still in America, right?

Wednesday has the largest bouquet any man should ever hold. It seems like Demeter might be in an insane asylum.

Demeter smacks the shit out of Wednesday. He thinks she runs the place, but she's just a patient. It shocks him quite a bit.

Shadow wants to help Marguerite fortify her house, but she's already done it. He also meets her son, Leon, and borrows some books.

Bilquis is reliving her latest devouration when a cell phone rings. His granddaughter, Madeline, is looking for him.

Demeter is under the care of a court-appointed person named Larry Hutchinson. He's the obstacle to Wednesday taking Demeter away from all of it.

Shadow falls asleep reading old Lakeside newspapers. He's back in the convenience store, and Bilquis is everyone on the magazine covers. Come find me, Shadow Moon, she says.

Shadow takes a shortcut through the frozen foods into the middle of a wilderness.

Laura is snoring in a movie theater. She wants to know what the hell is going on. That's when we learn that she's in purgatory. There are an AV Guy and a 1940s usherette in the room. They're facilitators. She needs to acknowledge reality, she's told again.

She's going to revisit the life of Laura Moon. She's angry about the thought of it, but she sees her life in an entirely new light. She and her dad palled around a lot, with him using her to get special treatment. She recalls using a woman to get back at her mom, but the reality was that her dad was using Laura to cheat on her mom, leaving her alone to fend for herself.

Cordelia has forged a document for Wednesday. It's a marriage certificate. He told Cordelia 1779 was the date of their marriage, but she thought he meant 1979. They met on the farm in rural Pennsylvania.

Shadow wants to know how to find Bilquis. Wednesday will tell him where to find her, but he's interested in Technical Boy, too. Shadow is off to NYC.

Demeter's mental capacity may be diminished, but her portfolio is robust.

Shadow touches Allison's picture on the local paper hoping for insight, but nothing happens. But when he walks away, Search Continues for Local Girl turns to Bloody Scarf Found In Woods.

Laura thinks the lesson is that she admits she's the architect of every bad thing that ever happened to her, but she learns that it was not the way she remembered it at all.

Demeter doesn't want to leave the retreat. She's enjoying being herself and getting treated like a goddess.

Once upon a time, she knew him so well, but now she looks at him and sees an old and desperate god, but she doesn't know why he's desperate.

Laura spent her life punishing herself for screwing up her life when she was a product of her terrible, emotionally abusive parents.

She picks up her crumpled pamphlet and seemingly gets her soul back as she is whisked away into the stars.

Shadow arrives at Bilquis' house to find blood and peacock feathers on the floor and an agitated Tech Boy looking at his bloody hands.

American Gods
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American Gods Season 3 Episode 3 Quotes

Wednesday: Why do I keep feeling like I've forgotten something. A gift! I mean, how can I arrive empty-handed to discuss a reunion with such an extraordinary woman, huh? So what's it to be? Pigs entrails or calla lilies?
Cordelia: Pigs entrails. I bet she doesn't get that every day.
Wednesday: Nah. It's gotta be calla lilies.

A favor followed by a lecture is not a favor at all.