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Flashbacks to the immediate aftermath of the election provide backstory for all of the major figures in Kai's growing cult.

Harrison was dissatisfied and unappreciated in his job at a trainer, where his boss Vinny harassed him and belittled him over his sexuality. Kai signs up to train with Harrison, flattering him and encouraging him to fight back until finally Harrison murders Vinny. Kai helps Harrison dispose of the body and cover up the crime. He wins Meadow over by complimenting her clown mask drawings.

Beverly Hope was a reporter who was driven to commit an act of violence when men repeatedly interrupted her live newscasts to shout Trump's "pussy" line. Eventually, she snapped and brutally beat a skateboarder. She checked into a psychiatric facility, during which time Serena slept her way to the top and got more glamorous assignments than her.

When Beverly meets Kai, she voices her frustrations and he sympathizes with her, assuring her that they can use fear to change the world. Shortly after, he arranges for Serena to be brutally murdered by the clown gang. Convinced, Beverly joins Kai's cult at his campaign headquarters, telling him she believes in him and making him repeat his promise that they will be equal partners.

Finally, we see Ivy attend the Clinton/Trump rally the morning of the election. Ally doesn't go with her because she's still not fully onboard with Clinton. Ivy has an altercation with Gary, who assaults her after accusing her of being a liberal who thinks that all conservatives are idiots. Winter defends Ivy and they go to a diner. While there, they commiserate and decide to kidnap Gary.

Winter and Ivy go to Gary's grocery store and kidnap him. They chain him up in a secluded location and inform him that he'll be released once the polls are closed. Gary is furious. Ivy tells him that people like him don't deserve a vote and don't matter anymore. After they leave, Kai arrives and encourages Gary's fury about "those bitches" who insult and denigrate him. He convinces Gary to saw his own arm off, leading to the armless, bleeding Gary we saw in the episode's opening scene at the poll booths.

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American Horror Story Season 7 Episode 4 Quotes

Welcome to Trump's America, motherfuckers!


Serena: Something wrong, Beverly?
Beverly: Eat shit, Serena.
Serena: Well, aren't you a nasty woman!