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The ghosts are in purgatory five years later and continue to kill all of the people at camp. 

Ray is not impressed with the way everyone turns to murder and makes them aware. 

Montana kills a new person. 

Benjamin gets Night Stalker arrested and makes his way to start a new life. He has a wife and a son and works in a video store. 

However, Satan helps Night Stalker escape and he kills Benjamin's wife. 

Margaret comes up with a fundraiser to return to Camp Redwood to help her business. 

This did not sit well with everyone, but it made Jingles want to return. 

Brooke was sentence to death, but Donna faked her death so that they could both go back and end the terror Margaret started. 

Night Stalker wants to continue killing, but Benjamin returns as Mr. Jingles and it seems he is going to kill all of the other people at the camp. 

American Horror Story
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American Horror Story Season 9 Episode 6 Quotes

Woman: Hello? Your music is very loud. We have to wake up early for Disney Land. Please turn it down.
Night Stalker: Idol only plays one way. Full throttle. What, you don't got Billy Idol in France?

Idol only plays one way. Full throttle.