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Donna sneaks into a house to think her father is cheating on her mother. Instead, he's murdering a young woman. 

He then follows that up by killing himself. 


Margaret says there were two campers across the water and that they should go across, but the boat only has room for two. 

Chet goes with her, and half way there, she tries to kill him. He fights back, but she ultimately gets the upper hand, and pushes him overboard. 

When she returns to the mainland, she comes across Benjamin who threatens to murder her. 

But Xavier appears and shoots Benjamin with a dozen arrows. 

Margaret then kills Xavier, saying that he served his purpose. 

The Night Stalker revived Benjamin and the two of them escape. 

Brooke and Montana duke it out until sunrise, fighting each other in the mud. Brooke wins, but the police arrive and Margaret blames it all on Brooke. 

The Ghosts unite and say that they will have some fun. Montana says that she will be a god and that they can all join her if they want to. 

Benjamin and the Night Stalker drive back to L.A. with murder in mind. 

American Horror Story
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American Horror Story Season 9 Episode 5 Quotes

Night Stalker: You did something pretty cool, Dede.
Donna: Nobody's called me that in years.
Night Stalker: Since that night, I know, Satan showed me everything. Your old man had a wild appetite.
Donna: Who the fuck are you?
Night Stalker: Isn't it obvious? Evil, pure, uncut. You think it can be treated as an infection, but there's no cure, no pill to take. The darkness resides in everyone, even you.

Donna: Dad?
Donna's Dad: Dede. What the hell are you doing here?
Donna: Mom said you been disappearing a lot. I thought you were just running around behind her back, I didn't expect this.
Donna's Dad: You were never supposed to know this side of me. No one was.
Donna: How long?
Donna's Dad: My entire life. It's a pain, I wake up with a hunger, and I can't satisfy it, no matter how much I feed it. I was born with this. Now, I'm dying with it.
Donna: No one is born with that kind of darkness.
Donna's Dad: Do you really believe that?
Donna: I know it, you're not evil. You raised me, you love me, this is not you, this is not my daddy. Please daddy, please just put the knife down. I'm a psychologist. I can help you. You can change. Please, Dad.
Donna's Dad: I almost believed you Dede.