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Brooke and Donna bump into a reporter who says she knows who they are. 

They agree to take her to the Camp Redwood and give her the story of her career. Brooke tries to kill her and she makes a run for it. 

She runs straight to the trio of killers and Richard kills her off. Margaret says that she wants the camp to be remembered as an iconic place, so she says that she wants all the musicians to die. 

Trevor gets close to Montana again and says that he does not want her to be alone and that he loves it there. 

Montana is against him staying. 

Benjamin fights with Richard one last time, but his mother steps in to give him one last meal with her and her brother. 

They make things right with one another. 


American Horror Story
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American Horror Story Season 9 Episode 8 Quotes

Worker: Hey man, who are you with?
Richard: Satan.
Worker: Right on.

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You stay, you die.